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Those who breathe the rarefied air of genius seem to approach the world with an open and questioning mind, eschewing traditional concepts for things new and different. Rather than improve, they more often than not redefine. What is it that drives and ultimately differentiates those who are truly extraordinary at design from those who are merely very good? What quality – or qualities – define the soul of genius and elevate it above things merely mortal? Isaac Stern once remarked that in music it was not so much how you play the note, but what you do in the interval.

Another, who clearly had more than a fleeting relationship with this elusive quality said, “Neither a lofty degree of intelligence, nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.” That man was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Genuine breakthroughs often arrive from unexpected quarters at unexpected times, and often from unsuspected sources. They frequently reach us through the work of those who either because they don’t know better or because their nature is to be questioning break the rules or test new waters. Clearly things that we characterize as breakthroughs represent more than subtle improvements. They are revolutionary, often cataclysmic, events rather than evolutionary advances

Looking back to the personalities and events that have shaped the audio industry, breakthroughs undoubtedly came about in this way. They were brought to us by designers who approached a problem without a roadmap – some disarmingly unassuming, others flamboyant – but they had one thing in common. That common denominator seems to have been an absolute love of music and a passion for improving its reproduction. And in some small measure perhaps Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart cast it correctly.

All these things saw the light of day, not because of a new twist to an existing technology, but because these designers had such a fundamental insight into the basic nature of music and a clear understanding of the challenges faced in faithfully reproducing it. They also shared a love and a passion that was as much the driving force behind their designs as their knowledge and formal schooling. A love of the art balanced by a passion for the science – this seems to define their efforts.

For more than fourty years Audio Int’l has been in the business of distributing not only audio “breakthroughs,” but products that represent an obsessive devotion to the shared experience of live music. We have never looked for fancy front panels, nor have we pursued specs for the sake of specs – we have always gone to the heart and soul, music itself, and a component’s ability to convey this experience in depth and detail. Audio Int’l is proud to represent itself with a phrase lifted from the RCA Living Stereo Catalog, “It’s classic, but it’s good.”

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